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1. Integrated Self-crosslinking Emulsion Fracturing Fluid Technical Services

Technological Superiority

1.Suspended sand property: Excellent suspended sand property at normal temperature and high temperature.

2.Friction reduction property: The friction resistance reduction ratio of the slippery water prepared at low concentration can reach more than 60%-80%. At high concentration, the apparent viscosity of self-crosslinking carrier fluid is lower than guanidine gum system, and friction resistance is low.

3.Temperature and shear resistance: Temperature resistance to 160. Shear recovery is rapid and high recovery rate.

4.Gel breaking property: Easy and complete gel breaking (viscosity of gel breaking liquid ≤ 2mPa.s), and no residue.

5.Types of chemicals: There are few types of chemicals used, usually 2-3 can meet the construction requirements.

6.Field application: Mixed sand car real - time preparation, a multi - purpose, can meet the site under different conditions of construction requirements.

      As for integrated self-crosslinking emulsion fracturing fluid , whether in the configuration of slicker water or sand-carrying fluids, we use fewer types of materials (2) and have the same formulation, just the difference in the amount of material used. 1.2-1.5% emulsion can be basically dissolved in 10-20s, so the real online continuous liquid dispensing is realized, without the need for advance liquid dispensing, let alone the need to set up a dispensing station. There is no residual liquid waste, which can meet the volume fracturing needs with small site and large scale.

2. The Technical Services of CO2 Quasi-dry Fracturing Under Atmospheric Sand Mixing

Technological Superiority

1.Double thickening carrier fluid: A small amount of water (10-30%) was used to continuously prepare the atmospheric pressure carrier fluid online with water-based thickener SFFR-6, and CO2 thickener SFFR-2 was pre-added for synergizing thickening.

2.Normal pressure high sand ratio mixed sand: Water-based sand ratio 60-100%, mixed sand ratio up to 30-40%.

3.Excellent friction resistance reduction and sand carrying: Low viscosity but strong suspension ability, temperature resistance 160, shear resistance, and the friction resistance reduction ratio is up to 70%。

4.Low damage or no damage: A small amount of water mixed with supercritical CO2, as pure dry, to avoid water sensitivity and water lock damage. 

5.Quasi-dry fracturing under atmospheric sand mixing method: Ordinary fracturing team can operate quasi-dry fracturing without airtight sand tank and other special equipment. 

6.High cost performance: CO2 consumption is relatively small, only two kinds of drugs SFFR-6 and SFFR-2 are needed, and the solution preparation is very simple. 

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