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Open Hole Packer of Staged Fracturing in Horizontal Wells Position:Home—Service
        With the staged reconstruction technology with openhole packer in horizontal wells, the tools can achieve selective staged isolation and staged reconstruction of horizontal wells in one trip. 
◆ Tool characteristics 
■ Drillable dropping sleeve staged fracturing tool 
- It is the shortest and smallest tool in the industry; 
- It is compatible with complex boreholes;
- Operation and transportation is simple; 
- It is a modeled openhole packer system; 
- 70Mpa of packer pressure can be reached in a 6?" well bore;
- It is applicable to 30 layers at most;
- There is a drillable ball seat;
- The system can be used for repeated fracturing.
■ Fishable dropping sleeve staged fracturing tool 
- The fluid section within the valve is greater than the inner diameter of the sleeve; 
- It is able to work under pressure of 70MPa and temperature of 149℃; 
- Ball and ball seat can be recovered or locked on the float collar;
- Standard and customized versions are available; 
- There are 18 stages at maximum. 
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