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Chairman Yuan Yanfeng was awarded the title of”Outstanding Private Entrepreneur of Shaanxi Province”
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On December 24th,the conference on promoting high-quality development of private economy and commendation was held in Xian.Provincial Party Secretary Hu Heping attended the meeting and delivered a speech.Governor Lin Guozhong presided over the meeting.Han Yong,chairman of the provincial CPPCC,attended the meeting.He Rong,deputy secretary of the provincial party committee,read out theDecisionto commend the provinces outstanding private enterprises and outstanding private entrepreneurs Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee members Zhang Guangzhi,Liang Gui,Xu Xinrong,Wang Xingning,Wang Yongkang,Zhuang Changxing,Jiang Feng,Niu Yibing and Yang Zhibin wew seated on the rostrum.Relevant leading comrades of the Provincial Peoples Congress Standing Committee,the provicial government,the provincial court,and the provincial procuratorate attended the meeting.

Hu Heping,secretary of the provincial party committee,stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the private enterprise symposium,unswervingly implement the policy of encouraging,supporting and guiding the development of the non-publiceconomy,increase support and optimize the development environment,and peomote the high-quality development of the provinces private economy.All lrvels must conscientiously implement the two unshakable policies of the central government,conscientiously implement the Several Opinions on supporting the high-qualinty development of the private economy in our province,improve the policy support system,create a good business,and help private enterprisies to solve peactical problems,and push the development of private economy in our privince to a new level.It is necessary to strengthen party leadership,consolidatenwork rerponsibilities,strengthen party building work in private enterprises,and provide a solid guarantee ffor the development of the private economy.Private enterprises and private entrepreneurs must strengthenfour self-confidences,adhere to law-abiding operations,actively innovate and start businesses,take the initiative to assume social responsibilities,and make greater contributions to catching up with the new era.

At the meeting,100private enterprises and 100 private enterpreneurs in Shaanxi Province were commended by the provincial party committee and the provincial government.Yuan Yanfeng,chairman of Yanan Shuangfeng G roup.was awarded the title of Outstanding Private Enterprenrur of Shaanxi Province.

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