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The Academician Workstation of the Company was Awarded
Click:778 Release time:2018-12-19

On the morning of December 18,hosted by the municipal party committee and the municipal government of Yanan,the Yanan academician(expert) workstation centralized award ceremony was held at the entrepreneurship service center of yanaan high-tech development zone.Municipal organization department minister Du jingen,municipal association for science and technology bureau,agricultural bureau,talent office,municipal association for science and technology and other major leaders attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

Among them,academician of Chinese academy of sciences(authoritative expert of oil and gas well engineerring) Gao Deli and his innovation team,who were jointly introduced by our company and Yanan university,estadlished’’academician workstation’’ in our company,and warded the certificate at this ceremony. In the next step,the company will carry out achievement transformation and scientific research and technology joint breathrough,based on the scientific research achievements and technical strength of academician GaoDeli and his innovation team,as well as the companys years of practical experience in oil and gas exploration and service in the ordos basin,combined with the companys market demand,making contributions to oil and gas exploration and development in Yanan and even northern Shaanxi.

General manager Jing Jiankun,R&D center and team members attended the award ceremony.

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