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    Yanan Shuangfeng Group was founded in 1992 with a headquarters located at No.4 Zaoyuan road, Yanan City, in Shaanxi province. Shuangfeng Group is committed to becoming a high-tech enterprise taking innovation as the driving force of development. The Group consists of seven industry sectors, including oil field technical services, drilling engineering, fracturing, downhole operation and overseas engineering. The Group also has six supporting departments, including a research and development center, QHSE management center, financial center, supply and marketing center, human resource center, and a general office.

    Yanan Shuangfeng Group is mainly engaged in oil and gas field engineering and technical services, having a class-A qualification for geological exploration, foreign project contracting qualifications, and having entered into overseas markets in 2012. Based on the idea of “based on science and technology, be bold in innovation, and realize sustainable development”, the company focuses on independent research and development, absorption and innovation of new technologies, new processes, and new materials for unconventional oil and gas development.

    Yanan Shuangfeng Group adheres to harmonious development of people, resources and environment based on scientific and technological innovation to develop the science and technology relevant to the oil and gas engineering technology service industry, energy-saving, and environmental protection to take to the road of sustainable development. Yanan Shuangfeng Group cares for the environment, cares for customers, cares for staff, and positively gives back to society. 



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